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Very excited to have picked up the new 2016 Backyard Birds of the West Poster from the printer yesterday. This is the 5th edition of this poster proudly printed in Victoria B.C. Every year as my inventory dwindles I open up Photoshop and Lightroom and start to look at what images can be improved upon, and what species can be added. I always start out thinking it will be a just a few small changes, well after another 60+ hours in Photoshop with the addition of Brown-headed Cowbird, and Swainson's thrush along with the updated images of 26 birds and a whole new layout that better groups the birds in their families I am very happy with the final product. Over the next weeks and months it will be available through my network of retailers across the Pacific Northwest. For a list of retailers
I always encourage supporting your local retailer when possible but for those unable to find it locally it is also available for on line purchase here

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